Copenhagen EuroTeQ trip [Cancelled]

Copenhagen EuroTeQ trip [Cancelled]

Monday, May 29th, 8am to Wednesday, May 31st, 11:30pm
500 CZK

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with the International Student Club as we embark on a EuroTeQ-funded expedition to explore the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the vibrant city of Copenhagen. Immerse yourself in DTU's unparalleled support for international students, engaging with inspiring faculty and fellow students who will broaden your horizons. Feel the pulse of Copenhagen as we discover its fascinating landmarks and immerse ourselves in its lively atmosphere. Get ready to forge unforgettable connections with our ESN colleagues, sparking friendships that transcend borders. This exhilarating journey promises a remarkable fusion of academic exploration, cultural immersion, and lifelong memories.

Here is some basic information:

  • Our university funds accommodation and transportation to Copenhagen
  • We will travel to Copenhagen by private bus.
  • The price acts as a deposit; it serves as a countermeasure for cancellation (will be returned on your successful trip)
  • Only volunteers who are students or employees of CTU can attend
  • The time of departure will be specified
  • Deposits should be made by THURSDAY 18. 5. 20:00

Edit: You can get your deposit back at ISC Point during office hours from the 25th of May.