Photo of ESN CTU President

Dear international students,
welcome to the Czech Republic and to the Czech Technical University in Prague!

Whether you are an Erasmus student, an Exchange student, an Erasmus Mundus student, or a degree student, we hope you will have a great time!

Maybe you are not aware of it yet, but you are the luckiest people in the world. Your study stay is just starting, and you can explore a brand new world! Try to get the best from your stay here! Let me introduce the Erasmus Student Network CTU in Prague. ESN CTU is a bunch of volunteers who do not hesitate to help other students. We do this in our leisure time – we want to meet international people, make friends, we want to learn foreign languages, we want to grow personally and much more. We strive to be the best in our field.

There are hundreds of incoming international exchange students every semester. Please, keep in mind that the Buddy programme is a voluntary service. If you need help or advice, ask your Czech Buddy or come to the ESN Point, and we will try to help.

Together we conquer the world!

Thanh Hung Le
President of the Erasmus Student Network CTU in Prague