Survival Guide


Eduroam (education roaming) is an international roaming service for users in research, higher education and further education. It provides researchers, teachers and students with an easy and secure network access.

How to connect to Wi-Fi eduroam

Eduroam username

The username for eduroam consists of the CTU username supplemented with the realm of your faculty.

Depending on your faculty, use these realms:

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Information Technology
Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies

For example, if your CTU username is novakj99 and you are from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, your eduroam unique username will be

Eduroam password

Before using the wireless network, you should set a password for wireless network access (eduroam password). You can set the password through the Usermap.

  1. switch to English
  2. click on login, log yourself in (use your faculty username and the main CTU password)
  3. click on your name (right upper corner)
  4. click on Settings
  5. click on Eduroam password settings
  6. set your new eduroam password

Find eduroam Wi-Fi and connect yourself

Most operating systems allow you to log in just by typing the eduroam username and the eduroam password, however there can be ones that need additional settings such as certificates.

You can find more info about certificates and eduroam on different faculties on this website (unfortunately only in Czech language): ČVUT portál