Survival Guide

KOS & Classes registration

  • You are required to submit a Learning agreement before your arrival, and to earn at least 15 ECTS credits/semester
  • Classes offered: Prospectus catalogue

Registration to the courses

Registration is done during the Orientation week, a visit to the study department at your faculty will be organized by ESN (except faculties with on-line registration), where you will get to know your classes and your schedule.

It might take longer than you expect, reserve the entire morning in your calendar for this.

KOS (Study information system)

  • First you have to get your login information in the VIC centre (Jugoslávských partyzánů 3, entrance B3, Praha 6, the same place where you get your University ID card)
    • You will get it together with the University ID card.
    • You can get it from Friday, 10 September 2021
  • Then visit KOS page, switch to English (first) and log in
  • In "Subjects" and "Timetable" you can see enrolled courses and your schedule
  • In "Assessments and exams" you can see your exam dates (if arranged) and sign up for them and check your study results
  • In "Subjects" ⇒ "Course enrollment - According to code" you can enroll new courses from your home faculty (only) if you have found them in the prospectus and they fit into your schedule (for courses at a different faculty, you visit the study department)
  • After this you usually have to navigate to "Timetable" ⇒ "Create personal timetable" and sign up for one of offered lectures and seminars by hitting "Zapsat". Then it should appear in your timetable
  • May differ from faculty to faculty
  • It is best to go to your study department and ask the lady to make the changes (sometimes only they can enter the changes)
  • More information in presentation on the first day of Orientation Week