Survival Guide

Post office

Unfortunately, most of the post office employees don't speak english, so be prepared when going to the post office.

Closest post office

Masarykova Dorms

Kafkova 19, Praha 6

Strahov Dorms

Vaníčkova 1911/5, 160 17 Břevnov-Strahov

Receiving packages

An invitation to pick up the shipment ("Výzva k vyzvednutí zásilky") is a paper which is sent to you at your dorm (mailbox).

It states when and at which post office you can pick up your package:

An invitation to pick up the shipment

How to send a postcard/a letter

Affix there a stamp marked "E" (CZK 32) for postage abroad. For postage inside the Czech Republic affix a stamp marked "A" (CZK 16).

Find an orange post office letter box:

Post office letter boxes

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