Survival Guide

Orientation Week

Orientation Week is held by ESN one week before the semester starts and it provides you a lot of important information which will help you to settle in the Czech Republic. It is strongly recommended to attend this program. During this week you will get to know the main bureaucratic procedures at CTU.

In addition, we will help you to make new local and international friends through parties, games and a lot of trips. You shouldn’t miss this great opportunity!

DAY 1 – Monday (12 February)

Registration at faculties

    • For the Faculty of Architecture (FA) - For students of majors "Architecture and Urbanism" and "Landscape Architecture" at 12:30 (presentation of atelier works) in the auditorium T9:107. Students of the design major will be contacted by the faculty.
    • For the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FS / FME) at 9:00, T4:C2-136

Initial information meeting

  • When: 13:30 – 16:30 (room opens at 13:15)
  • Where: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, room T4:D2-256
  • Topics:
    • Official welcome
    • How to enroll in courses and sports at CTU
    • Life in the Czech Republic and how to survive in Prague
    • ESN membership
    • ESN teams and activities
    • Health and property insurance
    • Visa regulations

Slides from the Initial information meeting

DAY 2 – Tuesday (13 February)

Registration at faculties

Note: This is only for Erasmus students and Exchange students. Degree students (those who are studying for a CTU degree), and also Erasmus Mundus students, please contact your Faculty coordinators at your study department.

Registration at your faculty is mandatory. If you can't attend this registration, you need to inform your faculty!

For the registration at faculties, you need to have the University ID username and password already. See KOS (Study information system).

Note: Even if you have courses at multiple faculties, you only need to attend the registration at the ‘main’ faculty you have in your learning agreement.

  • In-person registration:
    • Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL / FEE) – 9:00, Room T2:C3-132
    • Faculty of Transportation (FD / FT) – 9:00, building Konviktská 20, Prague 1; room 205
    • Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies (MÚVS / MIAS) – 10:00, room 103 (at the ground floor)
    • Faculty of Architecture (FA) – Possible consultations at room T9:147, Thákurova 9
  • On-line registration: (faculty coordinator have already contacted you via e-mail with instructions)
    • Faculty of Civil Engineering (FSv / FCE)
    • Faculty of Information Technology (FIT)
  • You will need:
    • A government-issued ID (e.g. passport)
    • University ID username and password (a.k.a. KOS login information)
    • A pen
  • You will receive:
    • The list of your classes
    • Your schedule

Second information meeting

DAY 3 – Wednesday (14 February)

Registration at faculties

  • In-person registration:
    • Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FJFI / FNSPE) – 9:30, meetup at 9:15 in the lobby, building Trojanova 339/13, Praha 2
    • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (FBMI / FBME) – 9:00 in Kladno building (náměstí Sítná 3105, Kladno), room KL:B-435
  • See Registration on Tuesday for further information

Prague Discovery Game

A great treasure hunt across Prague organized by the ESN Activities team

inteGREATion party

Get to know each other at the very first ESN inteGREAT party and have fun!

DAY 4–7 – Thursday to Sunday (15–18 February)

Trips around the Czech Republic

One-day or two-day events introducing you to a lot of interesting places

  • When/Where: different times and places for each trip, further information on DAY 2 during the Second information meeting
  • Do not forget:
    • Cash
    • Small snacks and beverages
    • Comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes
    1. Thursday
    2. 15
    3. February
    4. 7:40

    Jihlava Journey: A Cultural Expedition through Czech History

    Are you interested in Czech culture and the traditional cities steeped in rich history? If so, join us on a journey to the city of Jihlava. What better way to immerse yourself in Czech culture than by embarking on a tour of the Ježek Brewery nestled in the heart of the city? We'll explore the city's mediaeval fortifications and its historical centre, followed by a delightful traditional lunch. Our adventure continues with a tour of the house where one of the greatest Czech classical composers, Gustav Mahler, once lived. To conclude, we'll take a stroll through the second-largest system of underground tunnels in the Czech Republic. Don't hesitate to join us, meet new people, and take part in an unforgettable experience.


    Included in price:

    ✅ Bus to and from Jihlava

    ✅ All entrances

    ✅ Lunch and glass of water with lemon


    📍Meetup point: In front of the Hall H1 (the hall with Burger King) on ÚAN Florenc (Prague main bus terminal) (

    ⌚Meetup time: 7:40 (it takes longer time to find the meeting point so be careful)

    🔙We’ll return at approximately 18:30

    💳Please bring your ISIC card with you.

    🍏Bring some small snack with you just in case you get hungry.

    🧥 Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes, we’ll spend most of the time outside.


    1. Thursday
    2. 15
    3. February
    4. 7:40

    Beer & Sightseeing: Pilsen Adventure

    Embark on a delightful journey to Pilsen, the Czech city renowned for its rich brewing tradition and vibrant history. This concise tour not only takes you behind the scenes at the iconic Pilsner Urquell Brewery, where you'll dive into the art of crafting the world's first golden pilsner, but also leads you through the charming streets of Pilsen's historic center. Plus, you'll enjoy a tasty lunch with some local Czech food. Don't miss out on this adventure in Pilsen, where you'll get to taste great beer and see amazing sights!


    Included in price:

    ✅ Travel by train

    ✅ Guided tour through the city

    ✅ Pilsner Cathedral (without the tower)

    ✅ Traditional Czech lunch with drink included

    ✅ The oldest Czech brewery guided tour with beer tasting


    📍Meetup point: Main railway station in front of Burger King (we’ll go to the platform together) (

    ⌚Meetup time: 7:40-7:45 (train R772 Berounka with departure at 8:05)

    🔙We’ll return at 18:46 and go for a beer to the ISC HUB

    💳Please bring your ISIC card with you!

    🪙 Bring some cash so you can visit other places during a break a lot of places in Czechia are not cashless.

    🍻 You can bring beer for the train to start the tasting earlier ⏰


    1. Friday
    2. 16
    3. February
    4. 9:30

    Canyon to Castle Journey: the Czech “Grand Canyon” and Karlštejn Castle

    Looking for a budget-friendly or a quick and relatively easy trip not far from Prague? Look no further and sign up for this one! The trip includes a visit to the Czech "Grand Canyon" (lom Velká Amerika), followed by a 2-hour walk to the 14th-century Karlštejn Castle. We'll pause along the way to appreciate the stunning views of the Czech Grand Canyon and other limestone mines. Additionally, we'll make a stop for an authentic Czech lunch. At Karlštejn Castle, you will have the freedom to explore the open areas with a free audio guide on your mobile phone.


    Included in price:

    ✅ Transport

    ✅ Traditional Czech lunch: a three-course menu

    ✅ Free visit of Karlštejn castle with an audio guide in an app


    📍Meetup point: Zličín bus station (

    ⌚Meetup time: 9:30 (please be on time)

    🔙We’ll return at around 4-5 pm back to Prague

    🪪 Please bring your ISIC card with you. We also expect you to have a Prague Integrated Transport ticket for that day (just the classic one for Prague, not the outer region).

    🧥 Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes, we’ll spend most of the time outside.

    🥾 The hike will take place in a forest, please bring shoes that can withstand a little rough terrain.


    1. Saturday
    2. 17
    3. February
    4. 7:45

    Český Krumlov: The hidden gem of Czech Republic

    Embark on a captivating excursion to Český Krumlov, a gem nestled in the Bohemian region, brimming with centuries of history. Founded in the 13th century, the town has been a crossroads of culture and tradition, home to artists, nobles, and craftsmen whose influence is etched in every stone and spire. Join us for a day where each step is a walk through history, and every bite is a taste of Bohemian culture.


    Included in price:

    ✅ Castle Courtyard Chronicles: Our first stop is the iconic Český Krumlov Castle, boasting opulent courtyards and a storied past that dates back to its establishment by the noble Rosenbergs, we will have a guided tour to the castle tower and museum.

    ✅ Museum of Commerce: Step back in time as we explore the Museum of Commerce, offering a unique glimpse into the trade and everyday life of historical Český Krumlov. We will visit the museum and have time to load up on souvenirs!

    ✅ Moldavite Museum Mystique: Following the winding lanes, we'll enter the Moldavite Museum, a trove of local lore centered around the region's famed green gemstone.

    ✅ Gastronomic Finale: Our journey culminates with traditional Czech fare, a feast for the senses in a cozy, authentic setting where the main course has already been paid for.

    ✅ Round trip on train from Prague to Český Krumlov.


    📍Meetup point: Main train station on the second floor next to the Lego model of the station, right in front of the main departure screens and next to Burger King (

    ⌚Meetup time: 7:45 (please be punctual)

    🔙We’ll return at approximately 7:30 pm

    🪪 Please bring your ISIC card with you.


    1. Sunday
    2. 18
    3. February
    4. 8:00

    Trip to Karlovy Vary: Exploring a Charming Town with Natural Mineral Hot Springs

    The UNESCO spa town of Karlovy Vary, also home to Becherovka liqueur, offers a perfect combination of picturesque streets, stunning views, and delightful drinks. We'll walk through the historic part of the town, sipping and tasting hot mineral water from more than 10 different natural springs using our custom-made spa cups. Following an authentic Czech lunch, we'll go on a brief hike to some nearby viewpoints to admire the beautiful town from above. The experience will be rounded off with a visit to the Becherovka museum, where we'll learn about the drink's history and sample some of their delicious products.


    Included in price:

    ✅ Transport

    ✅ Traditional warm spa wafer

    ✅ Traditional Czech lunch: a three-course menu

    ✅ Becherovka museum guided tour with degustation

    ✅ Spa cup with ISC logo: for drinking and as a souvenir


    📍Meetup point: Hračanská bus stop (

    ⌚Meetup time: 8:00

    🔙We’ll return at 19:20

    🪪 Please bring your ISIC card with you.

    🧥 Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes, we’ll spend most of the time outside.

    🥾 The hike will take place in a forest, please bring shoes that can withstand a little rough terrain.


    1. Saturday
    2. 17
    3. February
    4. 7:30

    Explore the Hidden Gems of Bohemian Switzerland

    Did you know that Narnia movies were filmed in the Czech Republic?! Wanna see "Pravčická brána" and other stunning nature from the movie? Come to visit Bohemian Switzerland National Park with us! We are going to explore breathtaking sites like Pravčická brána, Tisa Rocks in Czechia, and the Bastei Bridge in Germany. During our two-day trip, we'll also have the chance to play games, have fun, and get to know each other. Join the adventure, where magical moments and new friendships await in the heart of movie history!


    Included in price:

    ✅ Transportation by private bus

    ✅ Food (without drinks): dinner, 2× lunch, breakfast, snack

    ✅ Accommodation

    ✅ Entrance fees


    📍Meetup point: Masaryk dorm lobby (

    ⌚Meetup time: Saturday 7:30

    🔙We’ll return on Sunday at approximately 5 pm

    🪪 Bring your passport or ID as we will go to Germany

    🥾 Take hiking boots, weather-appropriate clothing, and a towel

    💵 Don’t forget water and some cash


Please keep in mind there are four types of students: Erasmus students, Exchange students, Erasmus Mundus students and Private (self-paying) students. Private (self-paying) students and Erasmus Mundus students, please, contact their coordinators at their study department for information about visa issues, registration at faculties, etc.